Modular vs. Conventional

Modular Construction vs Hard Construction


What You Need To Know

There’s a huge difference between modular construction and the conventional, traditional kind. More than just the general look and feel, modular buildings offer invaluable advantages that most traditional building methods don’t even come close to touching. Take a look and decide for yourself. Which would you prefer?



A modular structure is a prefabricated building or modular wall system that is pre-engineered, alleviating the need to hire costly architects and engineers to design your project.


Time constraints associated with conventional construction are being overcome by faster, more efficient manufacturing technology. We fabricate your order in our factory and ship it to you for on-site assembly. We have done all the work in our state-of-the-art factory to insure that your order is manufactured with the utmost care and control. Because we fabricate to your specifications in our factory, installation time on site is minimized.


With the heavy use in commercial applications, your assets must endure the test of time and durability. Our modular wall systems are equipped with a polystyrene foam core with bounce-back protection. This prevents the puncture problems associated with conventional construction using wood or steel studs. Our walls are made using the finest quality stain resistant vinyl, FRP or melamine. With a no-paint finish, you will never have to paint again.


Since the product is pre-manufactured in the factory, there is no need to cover machinery or adjacent offices from dust and noise when erecting. Most buildings are completed in hours instead of days with conventional construction.


A typical 12’ x 16’ building is installed in less than a day. Whether you’re installing the building yourself or having our team of in-house installers complete your project, you can rest assured that we will assist you in every way and make your project a success.




With the fast paced growth of today’s business, change is inevitable. Our system gives you the flexibility to adapt and accommodate your new employees. Modular construction lets you upsize or downsize with minimal down time.


Conventional construction has little or no sound attenuation value. Modular construction has up to twice the sound-insulating value of conventional construction. With warehouse noise sometimes being a factor in productivity, modular construction offers a better alternative.


With modular construction, your building can be relocated with ease. You can disassemble our system and reassemble in a new configuration to suit your current needs. Whether you move across the factory or across the state, you can take it with you.


You can save up to 30% on modular construction when compared to conventional construction. There are no paint crews, drywall hangers, or electricians needed to install our systems. Your initial investment saves you time and money.


Modular buildings can be depreciated in 7 years as opposed to conventional construction, which is 39-1/2 years. Because you can accelerate the depreciation, you can recoup your cost sooner, therefore saving you money.


No need to schedule and manage dozens of subcontractors going in and out of your facility with little or no accountability. Our staff can take care of all your needs.