Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms

Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms

We offer a green and sustainable modular grow room system that is pre-engineered, designed and prefabricated off-site resulting in lower and/or more predictable costs, shorter delivery time, improved quality, reduced risk and less waste than traditional construction. Our modular building system can be reconfigured, relocated and reinstalled as needed. Our modular grow room systems are designed to be reused multiple times resulting in excellent ROI.

  • Our solutions are prefabricated to your specifications in one of our controlled manufacturing facilities and arrive on-site ready for installation.
  • Our installations minimize disruptions, dust, jobsite clutter and the amount of time your space is ready to occupy.
  • Time to occupancy or use is reduced enabling you to generate revenue sooner.
  • With the ability to reconfigure and reuse, you reduce downtime and achieve significant savings when changes are required.
  • Our wall systems qualify for accelerated depreciation (7 years) per IRS Section 109 and provide a higher return on investment compared to traditional construction.
  • There is NO painting or patching with our prefinished panels and framing!
  • Pre-wired electrical raceways are available reducing electrical costs.

 Why Growers Use Our System

• Installs fast so you can profit fast!
• Huge tax benefits - depreciate up to $500,000 in 7 years!!
• Our design allows you upgrade or relocate your enclosure quick!
• 100% re-usable and relocatable. Excellent ROI!
• Maintenance free, no rusting or corroding from moisture!
• No messy patching or painting!
• Professional factory install services available!
• 10 year warranty!!

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