Largest Color Selection

Largest Color Selection

Grow Enclosures has the biggest selection of durable vinyl wall colors
in our industry hands down!

Modular walls don’t have to be just gray, white, or beige anymore. We’ve put together a plethora of colors and styles using our most durable vinyl clad facings to fit any personality or style.

While most modular wall companies are only capable of 4 or less “in-stock” wall colors, we offer the biggest selection of durable vinyl wall colors in our industry, hands down! We’re not talking about custom special colors that can take months to get in and cost a small fortune; these are “off the shelf” selections.

Most of us may not spend a lot of time thinking about wall colors, but it affects every day of our lives. The right use of color can stimulate the brain, increase productivity, and create a calming effect. Most commercial offices are painted a dull gray or beige, though one wonders why. Just as our physical bodies are affected by the ergonomics of our working environment, our emotions and our creativity are affected by our workplace colors.

Some of our many panel colors


Some of our many framing colors