05Jun 2018
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What is CBD?  By now, you’ve probably seen an ad or two featuring Cannabidiol or CBD-related products, or at the very least heard of the recent ‘green rush’ that has sent entrepreneurs and investors into a frenzy of marijuana cultivation. But what exactly is CBD and why is everyone so excited about it? CBD, similar […]

18May 2018

We’ve all heard the news. California, the largest economy in the United States and the sixth biggest economy in the world, has legalized marijuana in 2018. And business is booming. Investors and entrepreneurs from the across the nation are scrambling to meet the growing demands of marijuana consumption. Here are three reasons why entrepreneurs should […]

10Dec 2017

Grow Room Space Planning It is extremely important in your new facility to maximize every square inch of your grow area, lab area, curation, packaging, and shipping. At Grow Enclosures™ we work with you to plan your entire facility and product workflows. We have been planning and executing projects for Fortune 500 companies around the world for almost […]

15Nov 2017

Insulation of Grow Rooms We see insulation all around us. Animals are covered in fur, which is one of nature’s forms of insulation. When we go outside on a cold winter day we put on a coat, which is fashionable insulation. As a rule, the thicker the coat the more insulation it provides. In our homes, our attic is the most […]

30Oct 2017

When planning your cannabis grow room, there are several factors to consider when it comes to the surface of your cannabis grow room enclosure walls. If you have existing walls that are currently in place that you want to keep, you have several options depending on the type of wall. Cannabis Grow Room Enclosure Walls If […]

18Oct 2017

Grow Enclosures™ manufacturers top of the line grow rooms for cannabis cultivation and provides the best quality rooms and enclosures for every part of the cultivation process. We have been in the modular building business for nearly 30 years and can manufacture flowering, extraction rooms, compounding, packaging, shipping and cloning rooms for maximum efficiency of your marijuana growing […]

30Sep 2017

Grow Enclosures™ manufacturers top of the line grow rooms for cannabis cultivation providing you with the best quality rooms and enclosures for every part of the cultivation process. Rooms and Laboratories for Extraction Extraction rooms are by far the most dangerous part of the cannabis grow business. Excellent ventilation is essential to reduce flammable solvent concentrations, […]

26Sep 2017

You Have Found the Perfect Space, Now You Need the Best Cannabis Grow Room Lighting for Your Environment Follow these simple steps to determine how to best calculate the lighting for your cannabis grow enclosure. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to achieve about 50 to 75 watts per square foot. It’s really important to […]

19Sep 2017

Location is one of the most important considerations for farmers and growers of high-value cannabis plants because this is where most of the profit will be generated.  Understanding how to pick a location for a Cannabis Grow Room Facility should be top of mind before getting started. From germinating seeds to vegetation and the flowering […]