Grow Smarter, Not Harder!



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    Successful indoor growing can take a bit of planning and investment. Yet, once you get your space set up, the rewards will be bountiful. To help start you off on the right foot, here are 5 important factors we think building the perfect indoor grow room takes.

    1. Quick Installation – Start Profiting Faster!

      Time is money! The goal is to keep your project on target and within budget. GrowEnclosures has put professional teams and an efficient scheduling system in place that allows for a smooth and seamless installation with minimal interruption to your operations. A typical 12’ x 16’ building is installed in less than a day. Whether you’re installing the building yourself or having our team of in-house installers complete your project, you can rest assured that we will assist you in every way and make your project a success.

    2. Flexibility for Growth

      All of our products come with the added benefit of customizable options based on your needs. In addition to our wide variety of colors and finishes, we also have various options for doors, windows, and wall thicknesses all prefabricated at our facility.

    3. 100% Relocatable – Excellent ROI!

      Unlike traditional stud construction, modular construction give you the advantage of relocating your building with ease, never lose your investment. You can disassemble our system and reassemble in a new configuration to suit your current needs. Whether you move across the factory or across the state, you can take it with you.

    4. Huge Tax Benefits – Saves You Money!

      Modular buildings can be depreciated in 7 years as opposed to conventional construction, which is 39-1/2 years. Because you can accelerate the depreciation, you can recoup your cost sooner, therefore saving you lots of money.

    5. Cost Savings!

      You can save up to 30% on modular construction when compared to conventional construction. There are no paint crews, drywall hangers, or electricians needed to install our systems. Your initial investment saves you time and money.